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Tower Hobbies: Home of the Finest Radio Control Models

Gone are the days wherein stamps and coins are the hottest items in the hobby of collecting different stuff. Modern hobbyists are now sticking their nose out and digging deep into their pockets just to grab one of the most invaluable collections of all times—radio control models.

Electronics has already penetrated the world of hobbyist with the availability of different radio control models, be it a car or an airplane. Such items are run by radio signals emitted by a user-held control box. Before, radio control models are only for military applications, as manifested during the World War II wherein Germans fired several missiles to their enemies using radio control. In the same manner, the British Royal armed forces made use of radio control to fire a series of commando missiles to the Germans and jamming the Luftwaffe system of the enemies.

Today, there are many applications for radio control models. The modern military still makes use of radio control models through remote surveillance and in rescue and operation purposes. Similarly, several industries employs radio control models in their industrial operation such as switchyard locomotives and overhead cranes. Furthermore, radio control models are now of integral part of the aerospace application (through the Mars Exploration Rovers and other future space exploration projects).

Radio control airplanes, helicopters, automobiles, and robots are only some of the RC models that are considered to be “hot items” in the collection hobby. Many hobbyists are turning their heads in collecting several RC models, especially those airplanes with designs similar to the actual planes used in World War II. Such RC model designs are difficult to locate, especially if you do not know where to get them.

There are many sources for such radio control models, yet as many say, there is still that “best out of the best”.

And it is the Tower Hobbies, your one stop solution to the finest radio control models that you can include to your RC model collection.

Tower Hobbies started catering to RC model collecting hobby in 1971. Its owner, Mr. Bruce Holecek, began the venture with his love for the hobby (he is also a hobbyist before he started the venture), some personal savings, and his dream of building the biggest and finest hobby mail-order corporate entity in the world.

And that dream has come true for the Tower Hobbies.

When you visit their website, you will find out that they have one of the largest ranges of RC models that you can choose from. In addition, aside from their own products and price listings, they are also affiliated with other hobby shops that offer RC models, thus providing wider range of choices for RC model collectors.

Aside from the RC models, Tower Hobbies also offers RC spare parts in case some of the spare parts in your collection failed to function properly. All of these are shipped straight to your residence with warranties and other after-sales guarantees.

Tower Hobbies has also a search engine wherein you can browse their product offerings by category such as boats, cars, airplanes, and others. This gives you the opportunity to browse through their products and select the best RC model for your collection.

Looking for RC models that you can add to your collection hobby? Always include Tower Hobbies in your hot list of the best RC model collection resources.

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