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How to Make Hanging Flowery Craft Swags: Decorative Material on Your Wall

Small space…cluttered home furnishings…insufficient area for decorative materials…

If the above-mentioned description best describes your home then you need to find a solution to make a small area homey and great-looking. You can start with doing some flowery swag to hang on your wall.

Flowers bring a different aura to most people. To some, it enlightens their day. Others are mesmerized by its fragrance while some are completely satisfied with how flowers can be so different in color, texture and even smell yet so alike in giving joy to anyone who sees it.

To give radiance to your home, you can make flower-inspired swags.

Floral Foam Swag

The following materials are needed:

 Floral foam
 Floral wire
 Paste or hot glue
 Ribbon or cords, depending on your choice
 Paper flowers

You can utilize cardboard or wood for the floral foam. You need to cut a chunk of foam laterally into four. Attach the side end of three pieces of the chunked foam. Set aside the unused foam for you might need it in the near future.

Using the floral wire ensure to create a hook and paste it on the “backing material.” Afterwards, paste a thick band of ribbon or cord at the back of the base.

To decorate, you can make a bow and paste it at the top of the swag. You can fill the foam with greenery picks of foliage from garlands. As a finishing touch, add paper flowers all over the leaves.

Everyday Wall Swags
Make sure to prepare the following materials to carry out this craft:
 Thick ribbons
 Wire and wire cutters
 Crossed bough
 Hot glue
 Ornaments

With the use of crossed bough, add the wire to construct a hanging hook. Prepare your ribbons or cords and roll it over the bough with the use of hot glue. You can opt to use big or small ribbons alternatively as a design. Additionally, you can now place the ornaments such as flower materials to surround the bough.

To make things eye-catching, choose a specific color for the flower material. If for instance, your favorite is red, then you can go for red. It is also best to pair it with silver or gold.

Fresh Greenery Swag
Since you will be using fresh flowers, this type of swag can only last for a definite period of time. You will need the following materials:
 Bouquet of fresh greenery
 Rubber band or floral wire
 Bow, color of your choice
 Pinecones (optional)
 Hot glue

Remove unwanted stems of the fresh greenery. The lengths should vary. Once done, group the stems together with the use of rubber band or floral wire. Create a hanging loop afterwards.

Decorate your swag with ribbons and pinecones. Make sure to properly attach it using hot glue and floral wire. You can opt to decorate your swag with bells to produce sound.

Craft magazines can help you carry out home projects. The internet is also a good venue to search for craft ideas regarding hanging swags. Additionally, you can also seek friend’s craft ideas they do to decorate their home. There are ways to beautify your sanctuary. All you need to do is think of ways on how to create a lively and pleasant atmosphere in your home.

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